FotoFinder xpert clinical trial. Consistent photo documentation for clinical trials!

Standardized photo documentation for clinical trials with FotoFinder xpert clinical trial.

FotoFinder xpert clinical trial ensures safe, consistent and professional photo documentation of clinical multicenter studies. As all camera settings are computer controlled, all investigators at different sites take 100% standardized images. A preview image is displayed immediately on-screen and the image is directly assigned to the patients chart - no confusion with images and flash cards is possible. Catalog reports can be included in the software and used for efficiency evaluations. To generate the source documentation your records are exported to archival quality CDs.

FotoFinder xpert clinical trial will be customized for your specific study. You decide which functions, interfaces and data-fields may be used by each individual user. All images can be exported and sent to a central server database. Therefore, the images will be encrypted before they are sent to your HQ. The high performance FotoFinder xpert clinical trial SQL database is time-stamped audit trailed and each image can be proofed for authenticity.

With FotoFinder xpert clinical trial you will obtain perfect results which meet and exceed your expectations concerning photo documentation from a technical and medical perspective (Compliant to FDA, 21 CFR Part 11 - Electronic records).

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